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Cleaners and couriers latest black economy target

By Heaney Business Group - 26th October 2017

The detail of the Government’s crackdown on cleaning and courier companies was revealed late last month.

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Tax benefits for investing in affordable housing

By Heaney Business Group - 2nd October 2017

In the 2017-18 Federal Budget the Government announced a series of measures intended to improve housing affordability in Australia. To entice investors, the Government is providing an increase in the CGT discount for individuals who choose to invest in affordable housing.

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Not your typical accountant

By Heaney Business Group - 19th September 2017

When you picture an accountant, do you imagine them sitting there working away, in a plain grey office, supposedly bored whilst crunching numbers into a calculator?

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Director’s fees: What and How to Pay Them

By Heaney Business Group - 7th September 2017

The issue of Director’s fees often comes up – should we pay directors, how to pay, and if we do pay fees how should they be paid? We answer the common questions for private companies.

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ATO Issues Notices To Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang Members

By BeMedia - 30th May 2017

Data matching technology in recent years has helped identify movements of cash and income from undeclared and often illegal activities.

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What is the $20,000 instant asset write-off?

By BeMedia - 1st May 2017

You need to be sure that there is a relationship between the asset purchased by the business and how the business generates income.

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When can I claim self-education expenses?

By BeMedia - 29th March 2017

Study must be connected to the income you are earning… or is likely to result in increased income from existing income earning activities.

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